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Jenna has had an extremely strong and natural psychic ability since childhood and currently enjoys giving one-to-one, face-to-face readings at Puressence in Sudbury, Suffolk. She is visited by clients from all over the UK including Ireland and London. She has given readings extensively in London’s Covent Garden to a wide range of people and personalities including hairdressers, shop workers, film directors and other creatives.

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Jenna’s online/phone services

Online Skype Session

A Face to Face reading on Skype. For those that cannot get to see me in person this is a good alternative.

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Telephone Session

A reading done over the phone. For those that cannot get to see me in person this is also a good alternative.

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Aura & Chakra Reading

Aura & Chakra photography can be very beneficial to help you see your bodies energy in a different light, and become more aware about your mind, body,and spiritual health.

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Jenna’s Customer Reviews

Unbelievable. Amazing. She can read my mind. Knew so much about me, friends & family. Looking forward to seeing her again in the future. Loved the way she was straight to the point. No messing about. No confusion. Very black & white.

Enise Davis

Everything jenna said happened and I really didn’t think it would. Jenna said I’d have my baby one day and that I would have a boy with blonde hair and blue eyes. Spot on she just left out how handsome and perfect he would be xx

Dee Boor

I have been to Jenna several times for readings over the space of 5 years. She has been very accurate with a lot of things and also really helps me to re focus my thoughts and help me see the bigger picture. She is great at what she does

Sarah Thomson

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