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Yes I can do email readings if it is not possible to come and see me face to face, or you do not want to do a telephone or video call. For more information please contact me on my contact page.

It’s natural to be a be excited and/or a bit nervous, take some time beforehand to relax and do some deep breathing. The more relaxed and open you are the easier it is for spirit to make contact and the more you will get from your reading. The best thing to do is to come with no expectations, only knowing that you will hear what you need to hear at that particular time.

Sit back, relax and validate the information that is passed on from a spirit. Some information may not make sense straight away so avoid putting up barriers and saying “no” instantly – information that is passed on is there for a reason and may dawn on you later.

I receive messages from spirit in the form of visuals, words, feelings and sometimes physical sensations.

All messages are given for your highest good. Spirit always communicates information that will help you on your life path – their communication is about love, peace and making sure you are happy in your life.

You always have free will and if you really don’t like something you are told you can try changing it.

No, you don’t need to bring anything but yourself.

Yes, feel free to record the reading using your phone or a portable device. I recommend putting phones onto airplane/flight mode while recording. If you receive calls (even while on do not disturb) this can stop the recording.

I have cards which I can use but I just go with the flow, with what spirit wants for the reading! I am not a tarot card reader.

No, there is no difference at all, spirit comes through to me where ever you are – it can, in fact, be more comfortable for you in your own environment!

Yes I do phone readings.

No, you are completely safe and protected during your reading. I also only communicate with those that are here for our highest good.

No, if you get drawn to come and you don’t know why then that’s absolutely cool – spirit always knows what to say or what healing needs to be done – there’ll be a reason why you turn up!


It’s a great idea to either relax or to take a quiet walk – take some time out to let the messages sink in, think about them and the guidance you were given. Sometimes messages can take weeks before their true meaning is revealed and that’s ok too!

That’s completely up to you – there’s absolutely no rule. If there’s something you need guidance on then I’m always more than happy to help.

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