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How do I perform my readings?

Even though I do use cards, it’s not the only divinity I use while doing my readings. The cards speak to me, either through their pictures or symbolism. Sometimes linked cards may join to create a new situation that I may see for you or around you. I work with my Spirit Guides who may step in to either give cryptic messages or shed a different light, or show me signs. I also use a mix of mediumship, channelling and spiritual counselling when reading for my clients. I pick up on certain vibrations, energy and or aura’s when speaking with a client whether face to face/video link or on the phone. I am clairsentient (feeling, gut feeling) and claircognizant (knowing) and an Empath.

Each reading is unique. I never know what’s going to pan out, who or what’s going to come through till I am in session with a client. Book a reading with me today and let’s see what comes up from Spirit for you 🙂

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