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whispers of the soul

Is that Whisper of the Soul Intuition

Is it a voice.. a message that whispers to you from deep within your soul. A knowing without any knowledge, that makes you listen. If you ignore that little voice or whisper, it will still hold the space and it will become a presence in your body. Is it your gut instinct, intuition or is it a guide or a memory from another time in another life. We bump into so many people in our lives who have reconnected in this life to teach us valuable soul lessons. Without knowing why, we make instant connection with those people. The unease can be immediately present in the first moments, but we ignore it. As time passes by and we learn why they came in.. those whispers becomes louder, until it can no longer be ignored. It’s not something we know.. not with the mind. It’s a feeling so strong that if you don’t listen it will consume your energy. When you doubt or mistrust and can’t find a reason.. just listen.. quietly listen and you will hear the message clearly. Then the lesson is learnt. Sometimes we replay the same story with different people.. simply to learn that the voice within was always right in the very first moments. It doesn’t matter what you might miss if you listen to it .. it matters more that you understood the message. Call it whatever you choose but it’s never wrong.

It just waits until you know that….

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