New 20 minute Psychic Reading available on WhatsApp Video Call or WhatsApp Call.

I am now starting to offer Psychic Readings for 20 minutes for £25.

Life is unpredictable and chaotic. It throws you into unimaginable situations and makes things unclear. This is when an insightful psychic reader can rescue you from the darkness. At times when you feel overwhelmed by the confusion in life, a psychic reading session can take the burden off your shoulders and pull your energies together.

They can explain the important connections and help you to join the dots. With their ability to look into your past, present, and future, they can enlighten your mind and help you to think the way forward and develop understanding towards life.

Psychic Readings can offer insight, clarity, wisdom and answers to your past, present and future. They often are valuable in helping you to get a clearer picture of your current situation and to are also very helpful in any pressing choices that you may need to make. More often than not any predictions that are foretold will clarify what you ‘already know’.  

Appointments for 20 minute psychic readings will be within 48 hours of paying. We can arrange a suitable time within the time scale.

How to make an appointment for a 20 minute Psychic Reading Just go to my shop and purchase a Reading and then I will contact you to make a suitable time that is convenient within 48 hours.

Once you have paid for your reading and added me to your contacts in Whatsapp, send me a message and then we can communicate and agree on a suitable time for the reading (all readings are booked in within 48 hours) excluding Saturday & Sunday

Preferred Contact Method

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