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Energy Healing

How It Works

Are you at a crossroads in your life, experiencing an intense emotional event, a complicated relationship issue, or a major medical challenge? Do you want to feel better? Are you unable to quiet your mind and be in the present moment? Do you feel like something is missing? Do you feel stuck? Do you feel like you are not doing what you are meant to do? Are you following your life purpose? My goal as an Energy Healer is to help you find relief from stress, anxiety, fear, sadness, and pain and help you restore inner harmony and peace. I work with what is present for you in the moment. As our work together unfolds, my healing techniques will change to meet you where you are so I can address what you need most. The treatment session involves you laying comfortably on a massage table fully clothed. I will apply gentle hands-on energy healing techniques with light touch to various energy points on the body, working with the spiritual, mental, emotional, and physical energy bodies. I might also use the following healing techniques:

  • Clearing, charging, restructuring, strengthening, and rebalancing your energy field and chakras
  • Sound healing using Tibetan singing bowls, Tuning Forks, Drums & Tinsha Bells
  • Channeling nature’s four elements to help clear and rebalance
  • Spriritual Journeying and soul retrieval
  • Ancestral and past life healings
  • My highly individualized approach acts as a tool which can enable you to:
  • Experience calmness and deep relaxation
  • Increase your energy level and raise your frequency
  • Restore balance in the body, reduce physical pain, and improve your overall health
  • Transform painful feelings associated with the worries and anxieties of life
  • Develop healthy boundaries and self-care skills
  • Gain a greater focus on mental and emotional health
  • Embrace your authentic self and inner radiance
  • Create greater awareness, ground, and be more present
  • Recognize and trust your inner wisdom, guidance, and your authentic power
  • Remember and realign with your true purpose

For thousands of years ancient cultures viewed humans as holistic beings of body, mind, and spirit. We were seen as an intricate flow of emotion, thought, and physical form, with an intimate connection to spirit. We were just one aspect of the natural world; the same ‘nature’ we now view as separate from ourselves. Similarly, those ancient cultures viewed illness and disease as an imbalance between a person and his or her environment, recognizing our intricate place within the web of all existence. As science and religion became more separate entities, we began to view humans as mechanical and chemical systems. Currently, our medical profession treats human ailments mostly by addressing physical symptoms and chemical imbalances, and dealing very little with the long-standing holding patterns and spiritual wounding that many alternative therapies view as being intricately embedded in the root cause of the disease. I work with the energy system which is like all the other systems of your body such as the digestive, circulatory, nervous, respiratory or musculoskeletal systems. The energy system is a multidimensional field which is less dense than the physical body enabling healing to happen more quickly. When there is a block in the energy field it creates imbalance and dis-ease. Blocks manifest from spiritual, mental, emotional, and physical difficulties. I read and correct problems in the energy field and chakras, clearing blockages and restoring balance, cleaning, opening and aligning your body’s energy field and chakras, moving your body, mind and spirit back into healing states, and addressing the primary cause or spiritual wounding. I work to clear obstacles that keep you from living your destiny. By tending to your body, mind, and spirit wellness, you can feel better, return to a state of wholeness, and a deep sense of peace in your life. I will create a safe space where you can heal. I will help support and guide you on your own journey of self-discovery, transformation, and healing. You are important to me and I would be honored to support you.

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