Transformational Soul-Regress Sessions

Combining the fields of Sound Healing, Reiki and Regression

“Sound alone has the power to re-pattern and balance the vibration of your body, mind, and soul”

These sessions are uniquely designed for each individual person to address issues that they are wanting to get resolved in their life, these can include emotions, health and relationship issues and more. They also help to raise the vibration which will assist in replacing old patterns with the awareness to choose a new direction and possibilities in life.

The sessions help clear any painful emotions such as fear, grief and any other underlying emotional and psychological issues.

This work will allow you to replace old patterns with awareness of new possibilities for making changes in any area of your life with more ease and confidence.

Some of the Sound Healing Technics used to balance the body include:

Tibetan Singing Bowls – for balancing and bringing in healing vibrations.

Tuning Forks – which utilize the meridian systems in Acupuncture, providing an ability to nourish and balance every cell in the body.

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The price for this is £65.

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