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Clear & Raise Energy

Jenna Cottaqe Clairvoyant

6 Ways to Clear Energy and Raise the Vibration in Your Home

Tibetan singing bowls to elevate the energy in your space. With a mallet you hit the bowl towards the top rim—they sound like beautiful church bells. On YouTube, they have mantras with captions, so you can chant along,” “I find that sound immediately raises the vibration in a room.”

“Snap your fingers and clap your hands all around your head, shoulders, and body,” repeating the same action in the corners of rooms, where negative energy can more easily become trapped. “Snapping and clapping break up toxic blockages and instantly raise energy,”

Modern devices such as radios, computer chips, and digital watches rely on quartz crystals because of their ability to transmit energy. It should be no surprise, then, that placing crystals, especially quartz crystal (like amethyst, citrine, and clear quartz) around your home will elevate the energy inside. “It takes a little bit of time for it to integrate into your home,” “You won’t necessarily feel it five minutes after you put a crystal on a table, but it will gradually permeate the whole house and create a positive feeling. You’ll feel more comfortable in your space. When people come to my home, they always say, ‘Oh, it feels so good in here.’

To create sacred space at home, I recommend lighting a candle, setting an intention for peace and harmony, and smudging a room or your whole house with birch bark—the tree of birth and new beginnings.

“The smell of birch bark reconnects you to the natural world,” “You can visualize wind tossing leaves deep in the forest. You can say a blessing or a prayer as you smudge. Using fire, tree medicine, and your own mental focus, you can shift, raise, and change energy. You’ll feel invigorated, refreshed, and lively, and so will your home.”

Alternatively, you can ask the spirit of love or harmony to enter your home. “You can call on angelic energies,” “Just say quietly to yourself or out loud, ‘I call on the spirit of love or peace to enter my home.’” 

Before asking, however, it’s important to be in a balanced state. “The angelic spirits can hear you better if you’re not agitated,” “Agitation is perceived as dissonance—it’s like having a lot of static on radio waves. Take a few deep breaths first to calm your emotions.” 


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